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Peintres, Sculpteurs.


par Lucien Gibert  

68mm, bronze, edge dated 1979

Prix : 40 €

(Ref. P001)

Keyword : art medal painter

André Hambourg (1909 - 1999) is a French figurative painter. He was painter of the French Navy and resistant.


par Raymond Joly

80mm, bronze, edge dated 1984

Prix : 50 € VENDU

(Ref. P002)

Avers. portrait of the Dutch painter and engraver.

In legend : REMBRANDT 1606-1669. Revers. composition after one of his works " the philosopher ". voir picture just below I believe the painting is in the Louvre.

Keyword : art medal painter printmaker Dutch Holland Pays bas


Signé Lesot

68mm, bronze.

Prix : 55 € VENDU

(Ref.  )

Avers. the german painter Hans Holbein known as "The Young" after a self-portrait; in legend HANS HOLBEIN 1497-1543.

Revers. composition of the artist evokes the city of Augsburg in Bavaria where he was born and lived most of his life and the city of London where he died. He was painter in the court of King Henry VIII who appears in the top. A hand holding a flower taken from a portrait is characteristic of Holbein's style.


Signé S. Golberg.

68mm, bronze.

Prix : 45 €

(Ref. P003)